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Almond Blossom

About Us


⦁    Reserves continue to build

⦁    Plumbing problems have been less frequent

⦁    Sellers and buyers can now utilize FHA rates if desired


  • Help reduce overcharges: No appliances, furniture or large items. Break down boxes. Do not overload bins. 


  • The final phase of painting has begun, and after they finish the building in the horse shoe, the last of it should begin in Aug/Sept 2023. 

⦁    Snow Removal Parking spaces are designated during snow alert days. Do not park in these spaces when signs/cones are present. Vehicles will be towed.

⦁    Bollards have been added outside trash enclosures for protection, so we don't have to keep rebuilding the fence when someone knocks it down.

⦁    Welcome New Residents - A welcome packet will be distributed on a quarterly basis to all newcomers.
⦁    Sewer maintenance is everyone’s responsibility. Please! Do NOT flush diapers, tampons, cleaning wipes, etc. down toilets, whether labeled "flushable" or not. These items back up the whole building and require expensive fixes. HOA has scheduled scoping to help prevent  issues. Please do your part.


What are the new trash signs about? Overloading dumpsters results in thousands of dollars of overcharges for this community. Break down boxes, use a different bin to avoid over-piling, remodel trash is the responsibility of the owner.  Violators will be charged for the overcharges and you will be charged even if it was your contractor.

How do I handle unauthorized parking in reserved spaces? Contact our on-site maintenance team or call Tri County Auto Recovery at 720-298-7466 for no-charge to you towing service. Be prepared to show the driver you are the owner.


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