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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions — We’ve Got Answers

Whom should I call if someone is parking in my space?

If you are unable to ascertain if they are a friend of a neighbor and parked there accidentally or if you are sure they did so deliberately, you may contact– Tri-County Auto Recovery  (Towing Co.)– 720-298-7466,  if you meet one of the exceptions to the new Colorado "towing bill of rights":

  • The car owner has two previous notices for parking illegally.

  • The car is blocking a driveway or roadway.

  • A car illegally parked in a handicapped space.

  • A car blocking a fire zone.

  • A car parked in someone's reserved, paid parking space.

You will need to PRODUCE YOUR ID, and hopefully you have the new hang-tags to show you own the space.  If you need a tag, please contact maintenance during normal business hours.

What are the bylaws of our community?

See the bylaws on the document page or contact LCMPM   LCM's website is also where you may obtain the architectural form (ARC) for changes you wish to make outside/around your unit.

Whom should I contact if I see something suspicious in the community?

Please call Jefferson County Sheriff's NON-emergency number 303-277-0211 if it can wait.  If it is an emergency CALL 911!  Report online for NON-URGENT matters as well. 

If you would like to ask Jeffco Sheriff's Office for a club for your car steering wheel you will have to get on a list because auto thefts are rampant in the metro area and the sheriff's office is out right now:

Contact Dep. Mark Bybee

Crime Prevention Deputy

303.271.5819 Office

If you have been a victim of crime and need to speak with a Victim Advocate please call Cortney Hill at Jefferson County Victim Services at 303-271-5339  or email

What can I do if someone is acting out of control but not criminally?!

When you call 911, be specific to the call taker. (You don't reach a regular dispatcher in Jeffco, but rather a call center). Ask for deputies to respond with a CIT officer, or mental health co-responder.

IF YOU need mental health assistance988 is the new, easy-to-remember three-digit number for calls (multiple languages), text, or chat (English only) that connects people to the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline), where compassionate, accessible care and support is available for anyone experiencing mental health–related distress.

Whom should I contact if I spot a burned out street, outside garage, or porch light?

You can send an email to our property manager, Elizabeth Sweeney or drop a note in the maintenance shop mailbox, to the west of the mail kiosk.

When are HOA fees due and how should I pay?

The dues must be paid by the first of each month. 
Association Name
C/O LCM Property Management, Inc.
PO BOX 176031
Denver, CO 80217-6031

Continue to make checks payable to your homeowners association. Do not make checks payable to LCM or to the bank. When paying by personal check or using bill-pay, please remember your acct numbet should always be shown on your assessment payment checks, without including zeros or other characters in front of the account number

INCLUDE YOUR 4 or 5 DIGIT ASSOCIATION ACCOUNT NUMBER ON THE FACE OF YOUR CHECK. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER PLEASE CALL 303-221-1117 Ext. 108 for that or to make arrangements for directly debiting your bank acct.

Payments SHOULD NOT be mailed to their street address. If they are, processing will be delayed which could result in late fees and/or interest being charged to your account. Payments should always be sent directly to the P.O. Box address listed above. Checks should always be made payable to TALL PINES CONDO ASSOC. not to LCM Property Management or else processing will be delayed.

Please put your account number on the memo line of your check.

Are there pet restrictions?

No more than two pets per unit. No pets over 75 pounds. The following breeds of dogs are prohibited from residing in Tall Pines Community: Pit Bulls, Akitas, Doberman Pincers, Rottweilers and Chows.

 Pets are not permitted in the common areas unless accompanied by an adult and carried or LEASHED.  The are NOT ALLOWED in the pool area, past the fence.  

Please see the full rules and regs for fines.

The most important rule about our pets however, is one so everyone can walk freely and keep the grass and flowers beautiful: Owners are responsible for the immediate removal of waste of their animals. Owners who do not immediately clean up from their animal will be fined according to the fine schedule. The fine for owners not removing waste of their pets is $250.00 after notice and opportunity for hearing.

Also, Dogs leashed or not, are NOT allowed at any HOA sponsored event.  You may think your pet is the best behaved ever, but in crowds and with children, they can often be unpredictable.  

Speaking of dog leash laws, what kind should I use?

Jefferson County Animal Control says leashes should be less than 10 feet and must be affixed to your person.  They don't recommend the retractable ones because they often break, and allow the animal to get too far away for quick response and control.

What can I do if I see a coyote approaching my dog or even another animal?

Jeffco Animal Control Officers states that Amazon has a number of products with citronella that will stop the animals without harming your dog,   One example is called Direct Stop Spray for Dogs.  Animal Control Officers even use products like these themselves so they don't risk putting a hand between fighting animals.

You can read ALL rules on the LCM website by logging in, but in order for our residents to be complaint with Jeffco rules and regulations concerning your dogs, we now must ask you to submit a form to LCM showing that your dogs are registered/tagged. Jeffco also recommends that you chip your cats and remember to keep renewing the chip each year, as info is not kept. If you don't, they can't return the kitty and it is then put in a shelter.  See more about the rules in the Rules of Conduct page 7.

What defines "Service Animal"

The Americans with Disabilities Act defines the term as "dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities".

When are the HOA Board meetings?

UPDATE! Board meetings are every other month, on the 2nd Wednesday of that month, at 6pm at the clubhouse. July, Sept., (Annual), Nov.(Budget), Jan., March, and May.

Are barbeques or grills allowed?

The use of CHARCOAL grills is prohibited in Tall Pines. West Metro Fire Rescue prohibits use of propane, natural gas, hibachis or any open flame device on decks and balconies or within TEN feet of combustible buildings/fences, etc.

The Park Area behind the pool has charcoal grills available for residents' use.

There is also a picnic table near the tennis court though no BBQ there.

What day can I dump large items for trash pick up?

Any oversized items for trash removal MUST be broken down and disposed of in small pieces and only if they do not extend beyond the edge of the dumpster.  The trash company adds an additional charge if items extend over the top and those fees will then be passed on to the homeowner.

If you have an item like a couch or an appliance, you will need to make arrangements with Maintenance or Republic Trash for a special pick-up.

RECYCLE BINS are located at the southwest corner of the entire complex.  Due west of the clubhouse at the end.

PLEASE NOTE: If you hire a contractor to work in your unit, they MUST take all large items such as doors, appliances, cupboards, windows, carpets and the like and dispose of them elsewhere. They cannot put them in the dumpsters.  If they do, there will be a back charge to the owner for the additional trash expense. 

Whom should I contact if I have a repair or maintenance issue for which the HOA is responsible?

Call Elizabeth Sweeney, Property Manager 303-221-1117 Ext 104

Are we in Denver or Lakewood?

We are in Unincorporated Jefferson County.  We are not Lakewood. 80235 is Denver or Lakewood for postal purposes only.  This can save you hundreds on big purchases like furniture, cars, plates...etc.

Our tax authority is Jeffco, as is our police protection.  Fire is West Metro.

How do I get the ice in front of my property removed?

Ice Melt will be provided upon request! Just contact the  maintenance team. For more severe road issues, please contact maintenance or Elizabeth Sweeney

How do I get a key to the pool?

Key fobs should be provided to you at closing if you recently purchased your home.  If you are renting, please check with your landlord to receive your fob.  If you lost your fob, there is $25 replacement fee.  If it won't work, please reach out to Elizabeth Sweeney at LCM Property Management email to see if there is a financial reason the FOB does not work, or to issue you a new one.

PLEASE, PLEASE don't just open the gate and let anyone in!


Any recommendation on vendors who have done great work in the community?

Our residents have suggested the companies below, whom they feel do a great job, (other than Chimney Sweeps. The HOA will reimburse you ONLY when you clean your chimney through them).

Window Glass Repair: For replacement glass for foggy or broken windows, whether single or double paned, or thermal patio door glass only:

Ace High Glass: (303) 893-1595

Chimney Sweeping:  (Pay upfront and submit bill to LCM Property Mgmt. for reimbursement, because reducing fire risk benefits everyone!)

Chimney Sweeps: (303) 973-7376 (Only company authorized for reimbursement)

Garage Doors:

Boulder Garage Door

(800) 366-7496

(303) 918-1223

Don’s Garage Doors


Appliance Repair

Tubby's Appliance Repair

(720) 227-1633

Home Tile & Remodel

Gary Kusaka


Tall Pines resident. Will also do plumbing, kitchen and bathroom  remodel and flooring. (No carpet).

Plumbing and a little bit of everything: CE (Colorado Exteriors) (303) 296-1353

J.R. Bell Handyman


11986 W Jewell Ave Lakewood 80228.

Green Mountain Remodeling


12016 W. Jewell Ave., Lakewood 80238


Replacing front doors or screen doors?

Regulation front doors and screen doors are on file under Tall Pines at the Bear Valley Home Depot 303-922-0444. Remember to download the architectural form (ACC) here or on LCM website, to have your changes approved. NO WHITE!

What is the water leak policy?

Homeowners Insurance

You MUST send a copy of your Insurance to LCM.  You can email Elizabeth Sweeney 

Note: Be sure that your agent has included HO6 Condo and Assessment Insurance on your policy.  It could be helpful down the road.

What should I do if someone broke into my mailbox?

The individual boxes are the HOA's responsibility. Let Maintenance know, or Elizabeth Sweeney @ LCM and the HOA will cover damaged boxes.  If you lost your KEY, you can go to any of the home improvement stores and get a key/lock. You can either install it yourself or  maintenance will install for a total of $10. Meanwhile, you will need to make arrangements with the Post Office at 7555 W. Amherst Ave. Denver, 80227 to pick up your mail in person until your box is repaired or you get your lock/key.

What can I do to protect the water pipes to my unit when the temperature drops below zero?

Set your faucets to a slow drip whenever temperatures dip below zero. This is usually necessary only during especially bitter cold spells. Faucets and pipes located along exterior walls are especially susceptible.
For maximum effectiveness, make sure both the hot and cold lines are opened slightly since both are vulnerable. Also, consider leaving cabinet doors open, so your pipes will be warmed from the room air.

I have wasps!  What do I do?

•Wear Protective Clothing: When removing a wasp nest, it's important to wear protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, gloves, and a hat. This will help protect your skin from the wasp's stingers.

•Plan Your Attack: Make sure you have an escape route in case the wasps become agitated. It's also important to remove the wasp nest at night when the wasps are less active.

•Use a Wasp Killer Spray: Wasp killer sprays can be purchased at ANY hardware store. It's important to follow the instructions on the spray can and spray the nest from a safe distance. It's also important to spray the nest until it's completely saturated.

•Physical Removal: If it is small and easily accessible, you may be able to physically remove it. Use a long stick or pole to knock down the nest, after you have sprayed them and left them alone for a while and then place it in a sealed plastic bag.


•When to call maintenance: If the nest is big (which you shouldn’t allow to happen), or inside the siding or an unreachable attic, then you can call maintenance and they will determine the next course of action.


•Preventing things like this, or buying spray or wasp traps, is your responsibility AS A HOMEOWNER.

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