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What is a Booking Bet? Most Popular Types of Bets

Booking bets, often referred to as Total Bookings in English, are wagers based on the number of fouls and disciplinary cards (yellow and red cards) issued by referees during a match. Unlike traditional bets on match outcomes or goals scored, booking bets focus solely on the frequency of disciplinary actions on the field.

1. Understanding Booking Bets

Booking bets, or Total Bookings, are straightforward: they hinge on predicting the total number of cards shown by referees during a match. This form of betting allows players to disregard match outcomes and goal differentials entirely, concentrating instead on the intensity and asian handicap betting tips 

2. Effectively Reading Booking Bets

Predicting booking bets involves evaluating the style of play and historical disciplinary records of teams. Teams known for aggressive play or tactical fouls are likely to receive more cards compared to those…


Criteria for Spotting Quality Bookmakers

Online bookmaker comparison forms are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, many people want to understand what a bookmaker is, along with information about the most reputable bookmakers in the market today. We will share some information to help you address these issues.

What is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker is a common term used to refer to businesses that operate online and offline betting entertainment. These bookmakers can offer various forms of betting such as: football betting, sports betting, lottery, casino betting

Currently, there are still many people who misunderstand and think that a bookmaker is the unit that calculates and offers betting odds. In reality, a bookmaker is just an intermediary that integrates online betting products from game providers on its website platform.

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How to Calculate Winnings and Online Football Betting in Detail

The moment of receiving your winnings from a successful bet is a joy that every bettor looks forward to after many intense nights of competition.

However, as the betting industry evolves with new ways of playing and rules, the methods of calculating winnings and reading basic bet soccer prediction have also changed significantly.

Each football betting site, bookie, or even individual bettors may have different ways of calculating payouts. To ensure your interests are protected, read the detailed analysis below to gain more experience.

How to Calculate Winnings in Football Betting

Knowing how much you win or lose is crucial when participating in betting. Currently, there are various ways to calculate football betting payouts based on the odds provided by the bookmakers. These odds vary greatly, so it’s important to understand them well to choose the most suitable betting strategy.

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